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Hi guys, this is how to watch tv shows online for free. Heres the link:

Question by Mathew: How fast does Netflix get its shows and what kind of variety and priority do they have?
Seeing as all the free tv show websites are being taken down pretty soon I won’t have much of a choice but to convert to netflix but only if the service is as good as the free sites, so are they? Do they have almost everything? Like every episode of QI etc straight after its aired or do I have to wait months? Same question with the movies, are the movies on Netflix the day they come out on DVD with good quality and free with my hypothetical subscription?

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Answer by Steve O
Netflix has 2 plans

$ 8 if you want to watch movies and TV shows online
another $ 8 if you want to receive unlimited DVDs(one at a time) per month.

So if you want to get both , DVDs and watch something online then you pay $ 16 a month.
I have Netflix and their online movie collection SUCKS , it’s just so bad that I have to warn you not to subscribe for it unless you’re only going to watch TV shows online.yes,they have lots of TV shows but it takes 1-2 months after their release for Netflix to buy broadcasting permission so you have to wait some time, it’s not like pirated websites that steal and give to people right away.

However, I’m very y satisfied with their DVD by mail program($ 8 a month).They have almost all the movies you will ever want to watch + the shipping takes 1-2 days.
I would recommend you Netflix as long as you’re going to watch TV shows online or order DVDs by mail.It’s DEFINITELY worth the money.

EDIT: I forgot to tell you.When you order the online plan and watch TV episodes and movies online, you will have an option to choose the movie quality ! If your internet is slow then you can choose low quality so it will load the video faster or if you have broadband internet then put it on highest quality and it’s full HD.
However,DVDs you order by mail are standard quality(up to 720p) and they are not 1080p or BLU-RAY.

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  1. thank you :) i salute you and i also subscribed

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  5. /watch?v=VVUVelR_YaU
    stay up to date as well by making a free account :)

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  8. Can you watch them from the mac mini ?

  9. If u go on the website now it will show u that a completely new website will come out on the 15th January so they had to delete all links

  10. I have a question, what if it says , “Sorry, there are no links available for this episode.” on every tv show?

  11. OMG!!! Dude this website is awesome thank you very much! I was dying to watch the walking dead and i couldnt until i saw ur video! Just for that i’ll like the video, subscribe, + this comment. Thanks man



  14. actullay on file nuke u click whereit says link

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  16. Okay, for one thing, Netflix has to wait just like every other place to get their movies. The TV shows only send out their DVD’s a few months after the season is over, and Netflix gets their online streaming from DVD’s. Same with movies. But, they do have a very wide variety of shows and movies, and I’m sure you’ll find something that you like. And the connection just depends on the speed of your own internet service. If you have dial-up, don’t even bother. But, we have plain old cable here, and it runs pretty well, even on my mom’s dinosaur computer.
    But, the good thing about Netflix is that it’s completely legitamate, unlike those ‘free tv show websites’. That’s why they’re all getting shut down, because they’re illegal. Netflix follows every copyright law in the book, so you don’t have to worry about those messy fines.

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