How To Watch Movies Online For Free! (2014)

How To Watch Movies Online For Free! (2014)

Who needs the movie theater anyway, right? What’s up, YouTube? Check out this awesome way to watch movies for absolutely free on Solarmovie anytime and anywh…
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  1. For those of you which get the message for a credit card or it says you
    need to create an account, make sure you watch the entire video, and when
    you type in a movie to watch DO NOT click that the first link that says
    watch movie by solarmovie. Always click one of the second links or below. I
    think that is the problem most people are having. Let me know how much this

  2. I see where your going , and these sites end up with a bunch of ads
    trashed with viruses and spybots , so you really need to be ready for a
    fast cleaning by your anti virus ware, and have the CCleaner to remove all
    garbage from the PC after all is done, or you could have mounts of
    adwares, spyware and viruses in your PC. Don’t take much to put a PC out
    of commission , Be on guard

  3. ok nvm lol this is awesome im the 1018 subscriber!

  4. Awesome seriously 

  5. Does this work on like Ipad too?

  6. you should keep things short… you speak about for an half an hour in the
    beginning.. things you could show and say in 10 seconds, you are streching
    it til one minute!
    but otherwise great job

  7. Can i ask that anyone having problem with the site because this website has
    been blocked

  8. Thank uuuuuuuu


  10. u cant watch it anymore it has a virus so DONT GO ON IT

  11. thx sooooooooo much

  12. Thanks bro it worked !!!

    You earned a sub :)

  13. U just earned a sub

  14. It not workinh on Mac smart ass

  15. @ NoobTV every time i try and watch a movie it comes up with the adobe
    flash thing what do i do

  16. shot bro I’ll sub

  17. hey man if you have problems with adds try adblock puls 

  18. Liked and Subbed. This is awsome

  19. with ad block i got no ads thanks !!

  20. Would it help if you have an adblocker ?

  21. Thanks man, now I can enjoy movies at my 12hr shift!

  22. mines won’t load :(

  23. I clicked on the link and my virus protection said that the website
    contained malware. Sorry guys/:

  24. Does this work on ipad

  25. Can you watch my video I done a simpler thing but used another site I would
    reaaly be grateful 

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