How To Watch Free HD Movies On ALL Android Devices Using MovieTube

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Question by RuThLeSs: What is a good website to watch full-length movies online for free?
I’ve tried limewire, but not a whole lot of the files for movie downloads were not useable on my Macbook.

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Answer by lopagof
actually the file were compatible all you needed was vlc media player and real media player

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  1. I can’t seam to get this app in Canada, any ideas.

  2. bullshit website…

  3. Can u download them?

  4. can you do this offline like on the plane

  5. can you do this offline

  6. Try Netflix idiots.

  7. Hello I can not download the app from the play store at all I have a Engage Lt does not work at all.

  8. U*

  9. Stfu people of demand movies it sucks and gives you a survey you have to do and not for Android so stfy

  10. check out this website! i just finished watch this movie in real good quality!

  11. – very very good film! visit this site to watch the entire movie! recommended!


  13. I cant find it in Play Store but I manage to download it from Samsung Apps…

  14. How do you know which is the right Movie Tube? I see one with a Panda, One with a Star. One says Movie Tube HD. One says Movie Tube Free. Is there a picture of the App icon etc…?

  15. an EASIER alternative is easy eyes
    it’s um… the one eye and it says easy eyes
    just open the app and press the eye
    Then that’s it
    THERE ARE settings for it to adjust the brightness and all that too

  16. again, I will remind you, turn off automatic white balance, if you don’t know how google it — and PLEASE get twilight << Spell it JUST like I did T W I L I G H T it's a red half sun, and you can make it YELLOW ORANGE color , if you go into the program and change the color temperature to about 2500 ish

  17. “It” has been fixed and you can now find the app on Google Play.

  18. Check out SweetSandysHouse (dot) com for no nonsense access to free full length movies online. One click watch lists and a search bar that scrapes all the top streaming sites for the movie you want. Plus a list of the top free streaming sites. Free TV shows, Live news and sports and more.

  19. My videos load to slow in my gallery

  20. I just can’t get it to work help please

  21. Google has removed this app from Playstore, now the app needs to be updated, but when I try to update my Nexus Seven gets upset and says I will harm it if I carry on with the update, any one any advice.

  22. Movies

  23. The app was removed from the Android Market

  24. Android tv shows streamed

  25. Nice!  Thanks dude!

  26. Check this out this site Rocks!! There is no downloading , FREE & tons of links to movies, tv shows, anime, ect…………………..

  27. There are lots depending on your internet speed I will list some:
    Plus if you want a joost invite then message me for an invite, it is in beta stage at the moment and there are only a few thousand of us doing it, but its looking dam good.

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