How to Stream Music on Multiple Devices for Free

How to Stream Music on Multiple Devices for Free

Amazon’s Cloud Drive will let users store their own music for free from anywhere. Google’s answer to the Facebook Like button is the +1 button. The iPhone 5 …
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Question by steve: Nook Tablet Or Kindle Fire?
ok so I’m thinking of getting two nook tablets or two kindle fires for my little sisters. they love to read but their teens so they have no money, i need the tablets for have book apps for free books. like android does, android has a couple of apps the offer free books, will those apps be available in the nook’s or kindle’s app store. and if i get the amazon prime can that be used on both kindle’s at the same time?? i need to find a tablet that offers free apps and free books. I’m leaning more to the nook tablet but i need help. thanks

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Answer by TheTruth
Hi, steve, double the RAM of Nook Tablet will definitely have a lot of performance impact when more than one app is open. Everyone who actually held Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet in their hands noted that Nook’s screen is much better and brighter besides being laminated for reduced glare (not on Kindle or iPad). Nook Tablet is $ 224 if sign up for Barnes & Noble membership. 16 GB Nook’s content capacity plus 32 GB via microSD card vs. 8 GB capacity of Kindle Fire with no expansion slot IS a big deal – and don’t start with that Cloud talk, it won’t be available while traveling or where Wi-Fi is not available. Portable tablets are all about doing things on the go. Cloud is way overrated – good for an occasional backup but not for content usage on Wi-Fi-only tablet on the go. Reading 11.5 hours battery life and 9 hours of video playback time vs. 8 hours for reading and 7.5 hours of video playback on Kindle Fire (even that 7.5 hours will? not hold trues in tests, video playback drains battery much more than reading). Silk browser of Kindle Fire will not have any noticeable performance boost over Wi-Fi (may be over 3G it would) and the device is Wi-Fi only; also this browser is a privacy hazard.
More, Nooks (since Nook Color) are the darlings of the root’ing community especially because they have microSD slot (not on Kindle Fire or iPad) thus Nooks can be rooted by burning OS image on the microSD card and booting off it without rooting the actual device and voiding the warranty. On Kindle, once you rooted there’s no coming back.

Also, check out what pros say about Kindle Fire after playing with it for several days:
Silk…sounds great in theory, but throughout my five days of testing, I found that total web page load times took anywhere from 100 to 300 percent longer on the Fire relative to an iPad 2.
And, yes, I made every effort to mitigate testing variables. Machines were restarted, caches were cleared, unused browser tabs were killed, and more. I even tested both tablets just two feet away from my WiFi access point to reduce signal strength as a variable.
Besides poor load times, the Fire’s browser lurches in fits and starts when swiping through already loaded web pages. And sometimes the browser doesn’t react to touch gestures at all, requiring that oh-so-annoying second tap or swipe instead. Pinching in and out of magnified views is also a test of one’s loyalty — this action looks like choppy stop-motion video on the Fire, whereas on the iPad 2, it’s fluid and seamless.

NY Times:
Most problematic, though, the Fire does not have anything like the polish or speed of an iPad. You feel that $ 200 price tag with every swipe of your finger. Animations are sluggish and jerky — even the page turns that you’d think would be the pride of the Kindle team. Taps sometimes don’t register. There are no progress or “wait” indicators, so you frequently don’t know if the machine has even registered your touch commands. The momentum of the animations hasn’t been calculated right, so the whole thing feels ornery.
The built-in Web browser…it’s not clear what all of that gains you: takes 10 seconds to load, takes 17 seconds, takes 8 seconds. The iPad took about half as long each time. …if you’re used to an iPad or “real” Android tablet, its software gremlins will drive you nuts.

the Fire is very responsive, most of the time. Most of the time, yes. But when it’s not, it’s awful. There’s absolutely no excuse for a machine with these guts to be unable to turn pages with zero lag. It has two cores, for Chrissake. What are they being used for? Lag is, other than using your tablet to bludgeon someone to death, the worst possible sin of portable computing.

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