How to move your iTunes library to an external hard drive – relocate iTunes

How to move your iTunes library to an external hard drive - relocate iTunes

This tutorial shows you how to move your iTunes library to an external hard drive. This is very useful is you are running out of space. Video originally crea…
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  2. steve, how do you put itunes back on the macbook pro from the external
    HD… i want to take it off the external HD and relocate it back on my lap
    top… thanks

  3. @2:45 checking off the keep itunes media folder organized and checking off
    the copy files to itunes media folder when adding to library. would this
    take up more space on my hard drive since now i will have 2 copies of the
    same file one on my hard drive and one on my itunes music folder?

  4. Steve, can you tell me how you changed your dock and icons shown in this
    video? Which apps did you use? Where can I get those same black icons?
    Much appreciated. Thanks for the video by the way. You have my

  5. You are an amazing tutor, I have subs. at your channel and I am certain in
    time, I shall bother you with some questions I have, as I am new to the Mac
    World, congratulations sir! 

  6. How do you do this stuff if you’re using windows? Can you please tell me
    hooowww? Somebody? pleeaassseee -/.- i’ve been searching for hours! 

  7. Will this same process work on a PC?

  8. thank you it still works for the new iTunes in 2015!

  9. Question I saved all of my music on my external hard drive before I looked
    at this video and I believe I did it incorrectly. All of the music is on
    the external drive but i started deleting music from iTunes. When i
    plugged in my iPod it only saved the music that i left on iTunes instead of
    all the music i have save on my hard drive. How do i fix this? Please

  10. Big up Steve!
    Felix //Gent // Belgium

  11. Well explained, thanks.

  12. you saved my life! thank you! i had to watch three videos previous to yours
    and their ones didn’t work! eugh

  13. Can i use multiple external hard drives with iTunes? For example movies and
    tv shows on hard drive 1…. Then music on hard drive 2?

  14. Very well done! Thank you for making this video. I WISH I had a Mac.
    Having you and your videos would be such a security and comfort. I do not
    have a Mac however, there for I do not have a button labeled Options.
    Would you be so kind as to direct me to someone to trust for a move
    involving Windows. I’m very nervous about moving my iTunes to my external.

  15. Great help ! (indeed the best video help on the internet)

  16. Helpful! thanks so much :)

  17. At 5:30 How do I choose iTunes library on Windows 7 to make future music go
    straight to external?

  18. How do i make an external drive an Itunes library,i am running Windows 7 

  19. Thank you . this worked well

  20. Thanks Steve! Super easy to follow and I copied 10,000+ songs safely to my
    external hard drive 

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  22. Thanks Steve hope it replys on the smart tv

  23. once i do this can i put the external hard drive in to other computers and
    ill it work your no ? 

  24. Thanks

  25. Great, it works just fine. Now how would I go about to have music (2TB) on
    one of my external drive and aditional movies (3TB) on other external
    drive? Is that possible?


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