How to Lower / Reduce lag, latency and ping in your Online Games

How to Lower / Reduce lag, latency and ping in your Online Games

This is my video tutorial on how to improve your online gaming experience by reducing your ping, lag and latency. If this does not work then what you need is…
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  1. my ping was 998,now is better guys thank you sooo much.. now my ping is son of a bitch!!!

  2. What the heck , no effect.!!

  3. hey now i have 2000 ping :(((((((((

  4. It increased my ping. This video sucks.

  5. my ping is 9 im good

  6. You forgot to create a file called TcpNoDelay And Make it 0>1 :/ 

  7. it made it worse -_-
    i don’t know why you got 176 likes 

  8. Mines was already set like this for some reason

  9. How to reduce Lag or how to lower your Ping
    Just Press Alt + F4 or Alt + Ctrl + Del (Lol)

  10. Best shortcut = win+R, type in regedit and enter.

  11. Don’t forget to check if your PC is running on 64bit or 32bit. Second step
    to this is to create a second folder and call it “tcpnodelay” and the value
    will be changed to 1. Leave it as hexidecimal as well.

  12. this makes your ping DISPLAY lower. have done it before.

  13. It made my ping worse.

  14. when i click new dword it says cannot create value error writing to the
    registry help me!!

  15. What if you already have TcpAckFrequency in your interfaces, and it’s
    already set to 1 and hexadecimal? I already have it, and I get these huge
    lag spikes 1k ping and have 1600 ms. but my normal ping is like 90-110 :/

  16. Shit did it worse.

  17. not working T-T lag in every 5s.. even more lag then before…

  18. ? If I do this for Xbox one or console gaming will it help or is it only
    for computers?

  19. Man dont show your IPs like that, you can get ddosed to shit!

  20. Thanks for now it is working.

  21. DUDE U ROCK…………!!! Thanx

  22. Thanks man. I was looking for this kind of program.=D
    Ping was 400-500
    now 50 -100

  23. it raised my ping from 5.6-5.7 so didnt work it made it worse

  24. this shit didnt work and my ping went worse

  25. Is this illegal and will it screw up computers?

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