How to get free music on iphone 5s and 5 ios 7

How to get free music on iphone 5s and 5 ios 7

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  1. Dont call it FREE if its going to charge $3 -___-

  2. There’s a way faster app method on my channel that let’s you download full
    CDs for free. I have 3,247 songs and it takes up only 4.3 gigs. Its in my
    playlist “free music” 

  3. Lol I love his voice 

  4. Just download ivideo 

  5. can i listen to music without wifi

  6. Ya does this work for ios8

  7. Can’t see better

  8. Too many pop ups 

  9. This is bull shit

  10. Can you change album covers on this app? If not, how can you get them?

  11. Stupid bitch 

  12. Its an apple device not a “I” device ass hole

  13. Thank u this works

  14. It just says “page blocked” when i try to go onto a website

  15. Thats a waist of 3 dollars haha i get unlimited music on a diff app for
    free your dumb 

  16. Guys this is ILLEGAL I’m just warning u

  17. Thank you!!

  18. can i put it in my music?

  19. You sound really unintelligent.

  20. I was always looking for ways to download music and this video really help.
    Thanks for the video

  21. Yo

  22. U said free u retard

  23. *clicks tongue* WTF?

  24. thankkkkkk youuuu

  25. how do you get full albums?

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