How to download music to your computer (FREE)

How to download music to your computer (FREE)

The link is and the song is called Call 911 Now by Skrillex.
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  1. when I download it sends me to a different site and to download from that

  2. what recorder did u use

  3. thumbd up for spongebob in the background

  4. i can here spongebob in the background


  6. Thank you that video helped

  7. It is not Call 911 now, it is called first of the year

  8. Oh my gosh i have that same exact recorder It’s amazing!

  9. Dude I read your desc and the song isnt called “Call 911 Now” its called
    “First Of The Year” I could tell that you meant that all ready!

  10. Omg!!! This guy can just talk instead of writing this stuff.
    Oh and dude learn your grammer seriously, it’s really bad
    and hope you go back to school for writing lesson. :P

  11. In case this didn’t work for you, then you can use *VIDCONV. NET*.
    Everything is online, and you *don’t have to install any software to use it*

  12. Here, this Download Software is legal and free to use: ►

  13. Am I the only one that hears spongebob on the background in the beginning 

  14. Thanks bro you are awesome

  15. lmao that fail recroding

  16. this was so annoying they kept spelling everything wrong and going all the
    way back to correct it took so long to get to the point. this video was
    stupid. and the lady telling the kid to shut up….

  17. itwent to my media player but doesnt actually save to my computer to put on
    CDs or ipods

  18. Amazing, thanks!

  19. thanxs 

  20. Its first of the year. Not Call 911 now

  21. lol you can hear spongebob at the beginning 

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