How to Build an Online Radio Station : Starting a Music Player for Online Radio Stations

How to Build an Online Radio Station : Starting a Music Player for Online Radio Stations

Learn how to start the music player for an online radio station in this free instructional video. Expert: Mike Purdy Contact: Bio: Mike Purdy r…
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  1. lol Duuuuuuuude You have that radio announcer voice

  2. @moviefreak478 you need to pay the artists everytime you play a song. and
    you have to be registered with multipul organizations. like the RIAA.

  3. Whats the softwares name plz reply

  4. What type of software are ypu using?

  5. hi, could you pls tell me how to broadcast it online?

  6. what are the main reasons to go with OTS AV as opposed to existing
    shareware products that are also compatible with SHOUTCAST?

  7. ots juke

  8. This is more simplistic if you want to put Station ID at the top of the
    hour rather than spending lots of money on stuff you don’t need… And it
    has its own audio processor and shoutcast streaming with title info…

  9. name of that program?

  10. software is OtsAV

  11. Yh, I agree.

  12. This saniflo ad is pissing me off.

  13. “Today we’re setting up an online radio station…OK So we have everything
    set up..” – Wait what? But I….Hmm, wtf?

  14. OK, this looks simple. I turn on my PC, connect to the internet and hey ho
    everything is setup for me. I just follow this guys instructions on using
    some software that automatically sets itself up over the internet. Wow..
    this is coool

  15. free to join project – free to self setup – easy quick and simple

  16. OtsAV

  17. ive used SamBroadcaster-SAM3

  18. It’s called OtsAV

  19. OtsAV

  20. That because is a radio announcer I don’t get why the song aren’t in albums

  21. i know this is a stupid question but is starting a online radio station
    illegal?plz reply

  22. Couldn’t hear you. I had my headphones on full sound, youtube and speakers
    on full sound.

  23. Get a life Old man

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