How to Build an Online Radio Station : Setting Up an Encoder & Monitor for Online Radio Stations

Learn how to set up encoders and monitors for an online radio station in this free instructional video. Expert: Mike Purdy Contact: Bio: Mike P…
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Question by .: How to have Online Free Radio Station?
Hi I listen to all they will tell me is..get a microphone I have 3 microphones I just wanna know how to broadcast live free to the internet and I have the music on iTunes but how i play it and btw I DONT WANNA USE LIVEWIRE OR RADIO365 but I want it to be free because they need a fill in for a dj tomorrow btw its a online radio station THANK YOU! Bye.
I want my voice to be heard.

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Answer by d w
you better have lots of money because the artists will want royalties for using thier songs

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  1. everything is free when you join

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  3. expert village put all there tutorials in like 50 parts  )-:

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  6. I am getting ready soon to start an “ONLINE” Christian radio station called “SONSHINE USA” I want to hear from Old Fashioned Gospel preachers who are interested in a ministry like this and any ideas that you have.

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  8. yahoo has a online radio station


  10. you should go to one of the free radio stations and ask them

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