How to Build an Online Radio Station : Promoting an Online Radio Station

How to Build an Online Radio Station : Promoting an Online Radio Station

Learn how to promote an online radio station; get tips from expert Mike Purdy in this free instructional video. Expert: Mike Purdy Contact: Bio…
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Question by ggurl: How can I create an interactive map with online radio on it other than using flash mx?
the type of map I intend to create, will allow a user to connect to any radio station from the world by just clicking on a specific country. Aprart from working in flash max what other options are available? What other softwares or programming languagess would enable me to do that?

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Answer by Larry P
It is not that easy. May be consult a flash expert. Check

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  1. Another way to promote is to add it to comments to many videos related to your radio station. Take mine for example where I play non-English language metal music but also looking for people who want to play other forms of non-English language music including techno and reegae. Website:

  2. this was good. Very crisp. I was wondering if you could add a section on listener retention.

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  4. yeah good

  5. Well, I assume you don’t want to pay the $ 600 for Flash? If that is the case then you should probably check out Swish. It’s about $ 100 and is kind of just like flash.

    If you need something with 3D then checkout shockwave.

    You can use DreamWeaver for you website design if you don’t want to do the whole thing in Flash. A free alternative to DreamWeaver is NVU at This isn’t as powerful as DreamWeaver but it’s free.

    I don’t know if you need these other programs but I will post them anyways…

    For free 3D modeler check out Blender at

    For a good free image editing program check out Gimp at

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