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Question by oldweirdhoss: Why is my computer running so slow?
I don’t have many program files on the C drive, I ran both Spyware Doctor and Norton and they told me I have no viruses. I can’t even listen to an online radio station while simultaneously browsing the internet or it keeps freezing up.
No high speed. I have the dial up connection.
I don’t think it’s the memory either; I checked and it said I still have over 75% of memory available.

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Answer by dze
do u have hi-speed internet …. could be several things ….

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  9. Hi. It could be that you need more RAM. You should have at least 512Mb with 1Gb even better.

  10. Try kicking it.

  11. When is the last time you ‘defragged’ your system? Sounds like you are trying to do a lot of things at the same time – listen to online radio and brows the internet. Both of these take up a lot of space so by defragging at least once a week, should help free up unsaved files and space and restore your speed. I do mine weekly and have no problems. Its worth a try! Also delete ‘history’ and do a ‘disc cleanup’ before retiring for the night.

  12. Have you ever run check disk and defrag if not that’s you problem to get at both of them open My computer right click on the C drive click properties click the tools tab under error checking click check now when the box appears put a tick in box marked “automatically fix file system errors” click start when it says it can’t do it click yes when it suggests a scheduled scan the reboot and let it get on with it when down and it’s rebooted go to the same place as above this time under defragmentation click defragment now click analyze it’ll tell you after analyzing if you need to defrag if you do just prsee defrag and wait a few hours for it to complete

  13. there are many reasons why a computer is running slow. a couple of suggestions.

    using the disk clean up tool under accesories/systemtools, remove all the old temp internet files and cookings, get rid of all of the old ~temp files, Clean out old *.gif and *.jpgs that might be laying around from old download and internet sites. run you disk deframenter tool from the computer services screen found under the Administraror tools, this will help clean up your file placement on disk and make it more efficient

    look at the task manager (ctl-alt-delete, task manager) and look at the performance tab. look at the memory stats and see if you have free memory, if you are running low your system could be using more of its time to move data around then to run your programs.

    go to start run and type msconfig, look at the start up tab. here is a list of all the programs that are starting when you turn on your computer, check to see if you need all of the programs, and if not unclick them. most of them sit in the startup queue waiting for you to use their program functions, they takle up memory and they are consistantly scanning for your use.

    make sure you have the latest updates for your progams and for windows, you could be using some old code that was just not fast.

    if you are using a broadband connection, dsl or cable, call and make sure your service is using the fastest settings and that the modem you are using supports those settings, I have twice found over 10 years that my modem was out of date and getting the new modem made a differnece. I also had my wireing checked and discovered twice that I either had a bad cable or that my connection box had been hit by lightning and was not passing the signal thur correctly.

    and if you are playing a lot of multimedia and games, it may be time to look at a computer with a faster processor. you may just be out of gas.

  14. that happens when buying yourself those chinese made stuff!

  15. Try downloading a good registry software i preffer “WINASO Registry Optimizer”.First goto speed up system and click “optimize now” then clean the registry and after it defrag your registry.

  16. you might have some active virus checking program running in the back ground, check by looking at what is running and active in the processes by pressing down ctrl+alt+del once at the same time. click processes and see what’s going on.

    not really dangerous to stop a process but if it’s a vital one your computer will lock up, don’t do that one next time.

    dial up is going to run too slow for you to listen to the radio feeds anyway. so this is typical.

    sometimes your virtual memory management will continiously keep resizing itself and that can slow things down as well.

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