How to Build an Online Radio Station : Choosing the Best Player for Online Radio Stations

Learn about the many types of music players used for online radio stations; get tips on how to choose the best player for your station in this free instructi…

Question by Morris Code: how do you record from an online radio station?
Does anybody know any free software to record and save an internet radio program to the hard drive. I have tried radio replay but its too expensive.

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Answer by David T

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  9. How do you add shoutcast plugins to stream to a website.. I installed it and nothing showed up…

    Please help if you can thank you.

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  12. Why do you make a Radio station For Your self ?

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  15. thanx for this info.
    i would like to build my own internet radio.

    i used to be an fm radio presenter in philippines. would be great to be on the air agian through the web coming from my own home here in the uk.

    i’ll be back here to leaqrn more about ur advice.

    many thanx.

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  19. I will soon be starting an online Christian radio station. Please contact me with any ideas that you have—–I am especially wanting to air some great old fashioned Gospel Preaching. I also want to showcase Christian comedians and Christian music artist. Your input is welcome! Pray for this ministry!

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  22. Try Screamer Radio, you won’t be disappointed. It’s free.

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