Kusum a small town school going girl is very fond of movies and has a crush on filmstar Dharmendra. No one knows the extent of her crush until she meets her sister-in-laws brother Navin who…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. The opening music was the prayer in my school…Public School Sector 10,
    Bhilai…Very inspirational. Jai Hind !

  2. Thumbs up if U Love all Gulzar & Hrishikesh Mukherjee films.

  3. Jai dharmendar! lol

  4. nice movie….

  5. Thanks hrishi da…! Itni achhchhi movie banane ke liye…

  6. Didn’t Anyone Notice, That The Music That Plays Right At The Beginning, Is
    The Same That Plays In The Background or Rajesh Khanna In Bawarchi !! A
    Typical ‘Rupam Chitra’ Music I Should Say !!

  7. Amitabh’s wife ! lol !

  8. hahaha the last line by utpal dutt ji “JAI DHARMENDRA” hahaha funnyyyyyyyyy

  9. i like this moves

  10. I loved it! Such a sweet film.

  11. Ki shondor chobi ta!

  12. A good moral film for young genration.

  13. Great great great great film

  14. jayaji was just 23….she looks like 18

  15. nice 

  16. @Merin Nakarmi your calling this movie.boring but without it.we would.never
    know what the hindi movie industry was like in the early 1970. this movie
    really gives us a insight how movies were those day

  17. nice

  18. Best film

  19. english subtitles please!!!!

  20. veri nice story

  21. subtitle dekhke hindi sikhi fom nepal

  22. the great late Pransaab at 1.10.10

  23. could english subs be included please?

  24. Great movie!

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