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Question by muhai_iffa: Phone vs tablet.. which better?

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Answer by Starrysky
Do you want to call someone with it?

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  1. phone more specifically iPhone

  2. tablet
    you should get the blackberry playbook
    it really is an amazing tablet
    it runs on blackberry os2.1 which is amazing
    everything runs fast and smooth on it with no lag and its simple and easy to use
    it has a 7″ screen with very good and high resolution
    colors and text look amazing and clear on it
    the sound quality of the tablet it also loud and clear
    so you can use it as your own private theatre
    the web browser is amazing
    it supports flash which is a huge plus
    and its also fast
    so that means that its similar to the browser on a desktop
    battery life is very good and would easily get you through a full day of heavy use on a full charge
    its way better and cheaper than the ipad for example
    its available inn 3 versions 16 gb,32 gb and 64gb
    it has dual cameras and both of them are capable of taking full 1080p HD videos
    it also offers true mutlitasking
    you can shoot a video then play a game when you come back to the video you would find out that it would still be recording
    hope i helped :)
    tell me if you decided to get it
    and if you got any question you can email me at

  3. Tablets for sure.. You can even use the MS excel in mobile because of the small screen. I have a 3.7″ mobile phone and the screen is definitely not big enough.

    There are about 2-3 tablets which are really worth the price but I recommend Kindle Fire HD because of the features like:
    – Dual wifi antenna for better internet
    – HDMI out
    – Front-facing HD camera for better video quality
    – Free cloud storage
    – Xray for movies (Pause at specific scene to know the complete bio data of characters and actors)
    – Digital dolby speakers for better sound quality
    – Amazon content and services

    Review on the Kindle Fire HD:

    Bestselling model for Kindle Fire:

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