Frontera Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Ed Harris, Eva Longoria Movie HD

Frontera Official Trailer  <a href='' />#1</a> (2014) - Ed Harris, Eva Longoria Movie HD

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. This movies title should be ‘Let’s make a movie about a fictional story of
    Gringos murdering mexic. . . er I mean ‘Dreamers’ who just want a better
    life so that we can establish in people’s hearts that Americans are evil
    and illegal immigrants are good and Ed Harris represents the spirit of
    condemnation of Americans for daring to want their laws enforced’. I think
    that would be a more apt title. Just saying. 

  2. wow, sad to see all the racist comments here, it’s just a movie folks ..
    don’t forget, your ancestors moved here in search of a better life and
    displaced / killed the natives too. i’m not saying leave the boarder wide
    open but we really do need immigration reform. 

  3. Migration is a natural way of living of humans. Migration is hand with hand
    with Universal History. Everybody of us came from Africa and spread through
    the world, and human always has been moved from one place to another
    looking for a better life. Migration is natural will never stop. Bad new
    for racist, nationalist and chauvinistics.

  4. It´s a tragedy what happens on the so called “first world countries” don´t
    matter if you take that border here, or what happens on the borders of
    europe. First we go there with our big fishing boats and take so much fish,
    that there are none left for the local fisherman. Then we export out cheap
    meat and wheat to that countries and sell it to a price that no local
    farmer can match. Then we export our waste to that countries and ruin their
    enviroment. Then we buy cheap goods produced in that countries, because of
    their low income. Then we buy drugs form the country and support local drug
    lords and criminals. And then, when they try to flee to a better world, we
    just say no or let them die. What would you do? 

  5. I watched it yesterday it is amazing! I love it so much!

  6. Mexican is not a race its a nationality. 

  7. This movie and A Night In Old Mexico i highly recommend :)

  8. The moral of the story is, come to America and have free health care and
    welfare even if you get locked up the white man will save you and get you
    out of jail.

  9. This movie is not fiction, it´s about those people so called the “minute
    men” or something like that, who have nothing in their souls but hate, and
    they think that by shooting ilegal inmigrants are doing a great favor to
    their country, why do they do this??? it is not right, only god can decide
    who lives and who doesn’t. We send our prayers to all of our fallen
    brothers and sisters who have seeked the “american dream” but just haven´t
    been able to succeed. 

  10. It’s sad how people are still racist. The saddest thing is that some white
    people hate and always talk shit about blacks and Mexicans. They talk shit
    on the internet but when they get up close to either of them they fold like
    a bitch and pretend they are cool and would never say anything bad. Smh!

  11. Too bad the Native Americans didn’t have border patrols back then,because
    the white man would still be in Europe.

  12. This looks good, but something tells me they’re still going to try to cram
    a political message down our throats by the end of the movie.

  13. Trolls everywhere. Movie looks good, a little like “Lonestar” but good.

  14. Garett elmers, my Lord and Savior Jesus Crist is not from this world nor is
    he an alien. He is creator of the universe and he does not see us as
    aliens. Remember this, how you judge, you will be judge. Jesus is the Lord
    and blessed are the nations thru him and he who comes to Jesus will not be
    despite but will inherit eternal life.

  15. I watched it this afternoon. Fantastic! Blew Fury out of water.

  16. Edd Harris as his best ! good story, great actor. 

  17. ALL IMMIGRANTS IN USA……..Except indians!!!!

  18. 0:16 Just one mistake, latinamericans don’t refer to USA as “America” we
    say “Estados Unidos”. In spanish when we say America we are talking about
    the hole continent.

  19. Its a good movie, thats all I can say, My parents immigrated to this great
    country of united states as well, so dont know what side to be on when it
    comes to these immigration debate. 

  20. If you had an opportunity too take your family to a better place what would
    you do. Dont just be one sided cause your in america what if you were in a
    shitty country wouldnt you migrate somewhere else

  21. I hate it when there is a video about mexicans because there are some dumb
    ignorant racist people but you know what we mexicans are gonna keep coming
    whether you like it or not in a couple of years the United States is gonna
    have tons of mexicans please do reaserch before u start talking shit about

  22. This is a great movie! Very realistic btw.

  23. I noticed Netflix deleting most negative reviews of this film. The reviews
    will be up for a while then they will ‘disappear’.

  24. The racism and ignorance in these comments are alarming.

  25. Looks good but I hope its not some junk that glorifies illegal
    immigration. Because it is NOT some victimless crime. And it IS a crime.

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