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Question by Judith H: How to find free online movies and programs?
Name me some free online movie and tv programs sites to go to for entertainment.

Best answer:

Answer by CanadaRAM
You can get TV free at several places
First, check with the networks. Assuming you are in USA,
Warner Bros
BBC America,
Plus many individual shows have their own sites with streaming video, like South Park, The Daily Show, Jimmy Fallon etc, and there are many video podcasts available.

There are older movies available on streaming media sites

If you have a subscription with a cable TV service, you may be able to use their streaming app. Check with the service you subscribe to. Also check for network and show apps for iOS and Android.

Downloading commercial movies or programs that are not offered for free by the copyright holders is not legal.

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  1. is there porn

  2. 2 hrs to download 1 movie is a good as speed

  3. if this works im going to burn it to a DVD and watch it on my DVD player

  4. >:/ I downlaoded it fast.

  5. Does it work for mac or any other program like this for a mac?

  6. THANKS MAN!!! It works great! ^^

  7. 2 hours to download what the heck.

  8. so what torrents take 3 days its the best shit ur gana get this shit is awsome

  9. tx man

  10. Is this ever for real… I’ve run into a lot of sites that have been taken down or the site managers have been asked to maintain logger activities for prosecution. How can we be sure this isn’t the same thing happening here?

  11. my spyware starts to scream when im tying to download-.-

  12. unfortunately doesn’t work for mac

  13. can u convert the movies to itunes? plz help

  14. what the fuck is “anime”….

  15. i have the fastest broadband..yes different kinds and i have the fastest and most expensive and its still me at least it got to 23 fast i guess but from there it went at shoot my self speed

  16. piece of shit does not work on a mac

  17. I couln’t watch unlimited movies..I watched like 3 movies and on the top it says like you dont’ have enough..MG to watch this movie or something like that but I couldn’t watch unlimited please.

  18. i have the program but i have v1.3 and its way different from the one you showed

  19. is this legal

  20. msg me if u kno how to crack this thing…. or if any1 got a password

  21. do i have to download only two thumbs haha

  22. damn it! every time i try to regestier they put bull sh*t on the screen that says,
    YOU EITHER HAVE A DIAL UP INTERNET CONNECTION OR ALREADY ARE REGESTERED. What the hell do they want, I don’t have dial up connection and I havn’t regestered. I love the program, but it won’t let me re-register, any advise?

  23. Thanks man…hey if u just wanna watch movies and not download this is a good device…clear picture and all.. Thanks JCash… fuck them haters

  24. i keep trying to install it but an error keeps coming up that im not registered class or something. anybody know what to do?

  25. how to make a new account after i have already made one, i cant just logout and make a new one,can anyone help??

  26. Well basically I don’t even have to name them, all you do is put the movie in the search bar and diffrent sites will come up. It all depends on if you’re willing to download a software to watch it or not. If its just one movie search it, but if you love to watch movies try out Netflix. There is like a free trial to try it out. Don’t worry you won’t be dissapionted!

  27. for movies.

  28. google search

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