Free Acrylic Painting Lesson In Real Time – Painting Simple Clouds

Free Acrylic Painting Lesson In Real Time - Painting Simple Clouds

How to paint clouds. This is a free sample of my Acrylic Painting Lessons Online. You can download this lesson to your computer here:…
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  2. Thank you so much for sharing this!!! Very informative!!! :)
    Spraying the canvas is an awesome idea! I’ve never seen anyone do that
    before. I will be purchasing a spray bottle first thing tomorrow!!! :)
    I know you said you painted the clouds with a #8 bristle, but can you tell
    me what manufacturer? I’m just not sure I have any brushes that will work
    and want to be sure I get the right ones :)
    Thanks, again!!! I will be looking forward to more videos!!!

  3. I have a question. I very eagerly want to start using acrylics and I’m
    confused on what to buy. What do you suggest for a beginner. I have
    experience with art tho, I have only used watercolor and pencil so far but
    what to start acrylics. Tips? And also what is the water used for :) thank

  4. You broached “overworking a painting”, and I can ‘sing a song about it’, as
    we say in German. It easily happens to me, and I could slap myself.

  5. Thank you. I have watched other videos but found them short and hurried.
    This video allowed me to watch the steps, the techniques, and your verbal
    instructions along the way made so much more sense.

  6. Thank you!! By far the best lesson I’ve ever had! You saved me! I was
    commissioned to do a piece of art for our State Legislature and need to
    have it finished in 4 days. 

  7. Do you think I can achieve a similar result w non bristle brushes or must I
    get my hands on some ??

  8. Thanks for the lesson. You are a great teacher. You only talk when
    necessary, thank goodness!!!
    How do you get your brushes to stand up? I can’t wait to try fluffy clouds
    and I loved the time you spent on mixing colours. Thanks so much!!!!! Linda

  9. Just getting back into painting with acrylics after a long break… (none
    of the painting classes at my university concentrate on them – only oils,
    watercolor and gouache!). After watching your tutorial and a few others, I
    just realized that my high school art teacher didn’t teach me ANYTHING
    about how to use acrylic paints!!! No wonder I always felt like I had so
    much trouble with this medium.

    Thank you for posting such a detailed break down of your process!

  10. Bello

  11. i was painting something slightly different but it was really nice to paint
    with you. and it was helpful as well.

  12. I’m new to the world of art/painting. So forgive my naïve question(s). The
    brushes you use seem stiff. Is that the way they come, or do you treat them
    to get them stiff? And why would one want to use stiff bristled brushes?

  13. I did the lesson using a simple, free paint app. It worked out fantastic.

  14. I’ve watched so many ‘How to paint clouds’ videos for weeks now but you
    actually show exactly how to do it. Thank you! I really enjoyed it and I’m
    going to start all over again (because I messed my first attempt at cloud
    painting up…) I’m looking forward to more of your lessons!

  15. You paint clouds better than I can paint a canvas black. 

  16. I love your camera set-up. Its just like Iam painting it myself. I learnt
    to paint with oils, but switched to acrylics because they a don’t stink
    like oils. The bigger the oil paintings are the worse it gets.
    Acrylics don’t have the respect they deserve and they dry quicker. I do
    miss the tactile impasto of oils though. I use an impasto medium in acrylic
    but its just not the same.

  17. thanks for the great video!!!

  18. Your simple clouds look better than anything i’ve painted in the past.

  19. thank a ton. the video was so helpful. i just loved the blending and
    highlighting part of the clouds. it was very insightful. to share your
    mastery with us all is very kind of you. i felt right there with you
    painting along. i have just started painting and painting few paintings
    with clouds but your technic is awesome. will improve after this video for
    sure. thanks again. warn regards. neerraj pathak 

  20. Excellence! You need to talk a little more on mixing,mistakes. Thank you
    very much!

  21. I watched this entire video, bored at work, and can’t wait to get home and
    try it. :) 

  22. eu sou Josiane do Brazil , Ótima Lição a melhor que via ate hoje.

  23. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I have hundreds of photographs of
    clouds and have always loved cloud gazing so I am particularly interested
    in learning how to paint them.

  24. Really enjoyed your cloud painting.

  25. Zero board in the back lookin fresh

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