FREE: 5GB up to 16GB Cloud Storage for your iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC or other devices!

FREE: 5GB up to 16GB Cloud Storage for your iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC or other devices!

Download and install from their web send me an email for an invitation to get 3GB of storage instead of 2GB! When you invite people, yo…
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  1. @adddictedtomacintosh Hello can you do it for me? Mine is

  2. Yes I did :) thank you

  3. I need your email address, send me an email at:

  4. just sent you an invitation.

  5. @adddictedtomacintosh I give my email & password.

  6. LOL, its the other way around, I already have the account, so I am the one
    who should send yo an invitation. email me and I will send you an invitation

  7. I don’t see the place it would be in my inbox. I checked every folder

  8. I just sent you an invite. Thank you!

  9. Please send link

  10. Just sent you an invitation. Sorry for the delay. Thanks!

  11. I don’t see where you sent it Its not on my email

  12. Mine is and this is your friends.

  13. ok, done. Sorry for delay. Thanks.

  14. So when I download then wat

  15. cool!

  16. Can you invite me my email is Thank you I will sub

  17. Just did, sorry for the delay.

  18. Sorry for the delay, my inbox treated your message as spam. Use the
    referral code and you will get the extra storage. Good luck!

  19. @adddictedtomacintosh Hello can you login for me cuz mine must make new
    wuala at pc…

  20. No need to send me your password, in fact do never send anyone your
    password. It is simple, you check my invitation with a code, go to the
    webpage and create a Wuala account and give the code so you can get extra
    storage. Very simple.

  21. send the invite thanks

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