FNC vs C9 Worlds Quarterfinals game 1 | Fnatic vs Cloud 9 S3 World Championships

FNC vs C9 Worlds Quarterfinals game 1 | Fnatic vs Cloud 9 S3 World Championships

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  1. EUW > NA

  2. wow yellowstar has lost some weight

  3. This is one of the best and most important LoL matcches in history,
    especially for the Western scene

  4. rekkles arent there :( 

  5. it is me

  6. Why not ban Kassadin ? when they play against Fnatic. That they know,
    xPeke’s favorite champ is Kassadin, and he will always pick him.

  7. I was so hyped for this match. Ahh C9 so close! I wish you guys luck this


  9. Na is bad

  10. and in the end … Europe kicks USA ass …

  11. that is what happens when you don’t focus the adc/range xD

  12. Hahahaha 3:43 “Balls getting locked up”

  13. Fnatic ggwp

  14. Can we turn off comentarist voice?!?! so fuckin* annoying!!!

  15. I dont know why but I find it funny when Deman says ‘Kick your ass’ with
    that british accent XD

  16. Fnc rules!

  17. how is that music called when they are banning players

  18. Korea!!!!!!!

  19. one of these commentators is such a FNC fan voting for them the whole game
    so bais

  20. good

  21. There it go peke if tje fnatic team was as eu vs na they woild won 100 %
    !!! Peke<3

  22. Buff Heimer!!

  23. he is fcking high on speed

  24. Omfg, C9 Balls put ignite for ks, min 22

  25. you can tell that hai is an amateur gragas… he should’ve ulted fnatic off
    of the turret at 32:55

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