Flatbush Zombies – Palm Trees Music Video (Prod. By The Architect)

Flatbush Zombies - Palm Trees Music Video (Prod. By The Architect)

“Palm Trees” off of BetterOffDEAD (Meechy Darko, Zombie Juice, Erick The Architect) Directed By: APLUSFILMZ.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Literally their only good song. #OFWGKTA for some real music 

  2. Are they from Brooklyn?

  3. First time listening to Flatbush zombies an these guys are GREAT!! Unique
    flow and style 

  4. who needs drugs when your high on life?

  5. BEST VERSES (IN MY OPINION) from each rapper..
    “Lions don’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep”- meech
    “Damn, they try and stick me for my paper”- Juice (Biggie quote)
    “I pack, you dope deal, in fact, I’m so chill”- Erick Arc Elliot
    Ps juice keep your hair purple

  6. DRUGS>alcohol

  7. Love hip-hop?


    You won’t regret it……

  8. Meech murdered this shit

  9. I want to create with them so damn bad.

  10. i lasted 50 seconds. NOPE

  11. Every time someone tells you that New York City is the cultural center of
    America, remember how much gutter level trap music comes out of it and how
    they are so far behind the times they still stack an apartment’s worth of
    trash in garbage bags on the street.

  12. the indian guy is the shit. sorry i dont know his name lol

  13. great song for a being blazed af

  14. This guy sounds like a really high 70 year old black man. 

  15. Tbh I don’t see the hype…

  16. Can’t find this on Spotify :(

  17. *DecoJota *-**

  18. I think everyone hates Juice lol 

  19. The first dude sounds like hes taking a huge shit

  20. What was the honey for at the beginning? I’m not sure but I think it’s just
    part of a drink right? Hennessy and Honey? Correct me if I’m wrong, just

  21. I literally never heard of these guys and just saw this in my recommended
    videos, and I’m glad that I decided to give them a try. 

  22. No hate but juice ruins it

  23. Wtf is this shit

  24. did they fall off?

  25. Sickest beat I’ve heard in a while 

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