Exodus: Gods and Kings | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

Exodus: Gods and Kings | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

Exodus: Gods and Kings | Official Trailer: Watch the exclusive new trailer for Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings starring Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton, …
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  1. Dear white ppl: Stop. Stealing. Other. Peoples. History. You can’t even
    survive the sun here without frying to a porkchop so what makes you think
    you could have survived the sun in Afrika? And remain pink and pale. This
    doesn’t even make scientific sense. The fuckery is so sad. SO very sad. 

  2. This movie does not glorify God. avoid it as much as possible…check the
    subtitle GODS AND KINGS
    which gods? or kings? There’s only one which reigns supreme the Lord Jesus
    Christ, the only begotten son of God, the redeemer of mankind…this
    movie is created to deceive and to bring clouds of darkness upon your souls
    my friends…God brought his children (the Jewish people) out of the land
    of bondage and slavery (Egypt) . Christian Bale even portraits Moses, and i
    quote “Moses was, Barbaric, Schizophrenic” So deceived and lost…he
    doesn’t even know who Moses was and what God used him for “to lead the
    children of Israel out of the house of bondage.” The fools let those who
    deceive them, also lead them…they will never find out the truth for

  3. Can’t white people get it? EGYPT IS IN AFRICA!!!! AFRICA IS HOT!!! our skin
    can’t hold that condition of how hot it is in Africa. So the Egyptians were
    black. Whites shouldn’t make movies to cover up our race. Probably its just
    jealous again -_-

  4. Its so ridiculous the people whining about casting. Ancient Egyptians WERE
    NOT BLACK. Look at the facial reconstructions of mummies. They had
    Caucasoid features.


    Casting white actors and then darkening their skin with makeup would be the
    most appropriate representation of race during the time period

  5. Anyone who expects this movie to be accurate is a damned fool. 

  6. North Africans are Caucasoids, and have light skin. Ancient North Africans
    were even whiter. There is more direct descendents of the Ptolemaic dynasty
    in the UK than in modern Egypt.

    I can’t wrap my head around the mental gymnastics you social justice
    warriors must do to convince yourselves of things which you know are not
    true. Its literal doublethink.

  7. Eygptians are not black. Africa is not all black continent. How many races
    are in Asia for example ? This might be a white guy in this movie but at
    least they tried to tan him as much as possible. What about the Numidian in
    Gladiator that was played by a Bantu African ? That’s not a representation
    of how Numidians, my ancestors, really looked. We range from Mediterranean,
    east European to Middle eastern. And yes we have some black admixture too.
    But that doesn’t mean we’re black. We’re north Africans and mainly derived
    from a group of people that migrated back to Africa some 15.000 years ago.
    Does that mean where not true Africans ? Then stop calling Amerindians true
    americans either..

  8. Crackers are cave men when the black elites where civilized

  9. Arabs was not Egyptians dummy’s ….. The first Arabs are black …
    I know Arabs who cant pronounce Arabic better then black people today 

  10. Completely white washed like everything else. I will be encouraging a

  11. Read the Quran if you want the real story of Prophet Moses Allah told all
    prophet stories to prophet muhammad

  12. This movie is telling that jews build the pyramids. That’s false. Jews
    controlling Media/Hollywood. Boycot this movie and thumb down this movie!!!

  13. To all those Black people complaining about the movie. The movie is for
    entertainment and not for historical reenactment. The new movie Hercules
    has ‘The Rock’ as an actor. He looks nothing like a Greek person. I bet
    Nollywood would use Black people for Asian movies too…

  14. *Exodus* by *Ridley Scott* – *1.75/5* #BenRatesMovies

  15. Oh typical just like in the old movie where Moses is apparently a white man
    they cut the part of the exodus where Moses, the black mans, hand turns
    completely white

    Exodus 4:6-7 King James Bible

    6 And the Lord said furthermore unto him, Put now thine hand into thy
    bosom. And he put his hand into his bosom: and when he took it out, behold,
    his hand was leprous as snow.

    7 And he said, Put thine hand into thy bosom again. And he put his hand
    into his bosom again; and plucked it out of his bosom, and, behold, it was
    turned again as his other flesh.

    Moses had to be a person of colour for his hand to turn completely white
    which God described as a form of disease (search up Vitligo disease that
    happened to Michael Jackson). Then for his hand to be restored like the
    rest of his body.

    Ancient Israelites and Egyptians were people of colour. NO ONE IS ‘BLACK’
    that is a stupid term that has stained deeply used by white people or
    wannabes to describe darker brown shades of people belonging to a certain
    culture especially in western society. Ancient Egyptians and Jews were not
    ‘BLACK’ they were different shades of brown same as the so called ‘BLACK’
    people today. They were not white people there were only white presence in
    Egypt until the Greeks came.The different shades of brown included the
    Northern Hamites, the southern hamites who were very dark shaded, the
    Hebrew Israelite slaves who were brown.

  16. Jesus is the biggest lie ever made. I hope he burn in hell !!

  17. It’s pathetic to see how stupid society has become, STOP THINKING BLACKS
    MADE UP Egypt, stop watching the TV AND ACTUALLY READ A HISTORY BOOK.

  18. They were not black and not white either! they were brown! from dark brown
    to really light brown! case closed.

  19. i’m Egyptian and let me tell you a little about my history there was the
    old kingdom that last from 2649-2152 BCE it was the golden age of ancient
    Egypt , then the middle kingdom from 2040-1640 BCE the arriving of the
    semitic people to conquer ancient Egypt ,The last kingdom 1550-1070 BCE
    the age of cleopatra and marc anthony and the Arrival of alexandria and the
    the persians and asaryans to ancient Egypt. +joham gonez 

  20. Wow, so much black supremacy on this thread.

    Idriss Elba may well play the next Bond, and why not, he is a good actor.

    But Fleming clearly wrote Bond as a Scotsman born in the 1930s!

    Not all Africans (a continent!) are black.

  21. This movie was beyond terrible and the acting was even worse! Thanks for
    destroying the 10 commandments movie especially by having God being a child
    like WoW

  22. Just wanted to see what you guys think of this movie i’m considering
    watching it but i’m kinda skeptical about due to the noah movie that
    recently came out it was not even close to the bible.

  23. Saying an Egyptian has black skin like the rest of Africa is like saying a
    Russian has squinty eyes like the rest of Asia. 

  24. +Calvin Tagavilla .*ΓMan it is not about to believe or not, but being
    realistic. Noah’s deluge did not happened. A world flood did not happened,
    it is a primitive fable, even kids today with information can see
    that. Just think and study geology, biology, history, etc. … The entire
    story is utterly silly and primitive.*
    Then you say to me that a god, which you believe, created by hebrews to
    hebrews, will clean this world from non believers like me? So this god is a
    psycho dictator…
    “so men create one god (or many) at their image and resemblance… for
    their own needs”
    Man this is pure mythology to turn leaders and ideologies unquestionable.
    I once believed in all of this, I was imature, but I always ask myself
    about my own convictions, so… I studied about it. And everything else.
    Many people just became psychologically dependent of this.

  25. This movie looks terrible. I hate when producers try to make bible stories
    something they’re not. Moses was not a strong leader! Aaron, his brother,
    spoke for him. I am glad that they got the 

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