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Question by Rachel: Where can i go to watch new online movies for free?
Looking for a site to watch new movies online for free.. Any Suggestions?

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Answer by maui kahiapo
The only place I know of is filmhill.com BUT the quality is terrible. So its more like audio with a really blurry screen. check it out if you wish.

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  1. watch all the latest desi movies at   latestmoviesonline.sexyi.am

  2. i think that site is cool but..latestmoviesonline.sexyi.am is better

  3. its pain in the ass,, asking sigup for a free a count,, bull shit

  4. Watch free movies/TV Shows online! Signing up is optional, not required to watch movies/TV Shows on this website! You can visit here: movie-kingdom(dot)com

  5. You can check also Allmoviesforyou(dot)com for movies online with out surveys, pop-ups e.t.c anyone interested:)

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  10. Thx so much! All the other sites were difficult and didn’t have a lot of movies!!!

  11. They didnt asked me for credits , or something . i just clicked play and watched… wow ty bro!

  12. lmao this was so funny

  13. a nice website to watch movies

  14. thanx bro you r great

  15. free and works every time. THUMBS UP SO PEOPLE CAN SEE!

  16. Thank u so much!!

  17. wow it actually works great and no surveys or pop-ups!!! thanks 😉

  18. Why dont you consider the youtube partner program?

  19. -Nicely done!

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  25. thanks mate

  26. http://www.movies-links.tv/

    Not too sure how good the quality of the movies are.

  27. Yea this website is cool


    i personally like it.


  28. I use http://www.surfthechannel.com, which gives you movies from different sources on the internet. For brand new movies, I use Graboid, which is a program you can download for free. It has a limited amount of space (2000KB) unless you have the professional version, so you can’t download long, high-quality movies like Avatar if you aren’t paying for it. Other than that, it’s an excellent movie player. You do have to download the files from Graboid, which takes a while, but once it’s downloaded you can either watch it and delete it or move it onto your computer.

  29. onliveipad.com or http://www.ipadonlive.com

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