Easy Recovery of WORD Document 2007/2010/2013 on Windows for FREE

Easy Recovery of WORD Document 2007/2010/2013 on Windows for FREE

LOST YOUR WORK? DON”T PANIC! Here is a simple solution proven to work for the majority of people – NO SPECIALIST SOFTWARE REQUIRED AND NO NEED TO BE AN EXPER…
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  1. Thank you everyone for all your kind appreciation! It puts a smile on my
    face every time I hear of recovery. Spread the love, LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and
    SHARE to all your friends if it worked for you! Remember CTL+S :)

  2. Where IS THIS BUTTON ON 2007

  3. Thank you so much, you saved me an infinite amount of time. I can’t not
    thank you enough.

  4. Oh thank you! I followed your directions and recovered my unsaved word
    document in just a few seconds. So easy! 

  5. OMG, thank you so much! Tried a bunch of tutorials, nothing worked. THank
    you thank you!!

  6. Thanq soooooo much…good job

  7. Thank you!! My work computer shuts itself down at random intervals, and I
    don’t always remember to recover ALL of the files I was working on.

  8. My word auto saved my work from before the 3 days I had been working on. So
    I could only recover about a paragraph, and I had 11 pages done already. Is
    there a way to recover that?

  9. Thank you TONZ! Just saved me from having to redo days’ work on my

  10. Thank you for this!!! I found my paper :D

  11. i do not know how to thanks you, i was about start crying but i tried to
    search for a way to recover it before i start crying. 

  12. Brilliant… you have saved my bacon… I tried to recover a huge Word
    document that was corrupted as a result of a power outage without any
    success. As the last resort, I was able to recover a text-only version
    using the Text Recovery tool. About an hour into trying to recreate the
    document, I realized that it would take me several days as to be able have
    all the formats, diagrams, pictures etc. put back. Luckily, google pointed
    me to your excellent instructions. I was able to get an auto-save version
    of the document in the Users folder. Thank YOU!

  13. Thank you SO much – you just saved about 3 hours of painful work for me!

  14. OMG!!!! U saved my document. I was on a time crunch until my computer
    shut off. Looked at other videos but none helped until I found yours.
    (Phew!!!) What a relief! I can now continue on…..

  15. THANK YOU !!!! This tutorial was brilliant and will help me sleep better
    after thinking I lost 10 pages of my work!!!

  16. Procrastinators paradise Like me thank you so much i almost lost my whole
    project but thanks to i only had to do a sentence much love much love :) 

  17. I FUCKING LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  18. Thank you so very much. You saved me from a whole lot of headache. Santa
    came early



  21. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! You saved me to re-write my 9000 word essay

  22. you saved my life …. thanks for the upload : )

  23. What about Word 1997 SAVEME!!!

  24. thank u jesus…. U the best. GOD bless u sir. u save my life.

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