EA Being Nice? Kills Online Pass for ALL EXISTING GAMES – Offering Free DLC

EA Being Nice? Kills Online Pass for ALL EXISTING GAMES - Offering Free DLC

EA is offering free DLC and Online packs on Xbox Live today. Is this the beginning of the end? Or a new beginning? • Youtube: Youtube.com/TwTheRed…
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  1. Why? Now I can play

  2. Red do you still have a server? on BF3

  3. I love the admin abuse at the end of the video red lol

  4. i think this is ea your already going to have to pay full price for a used
    game of bf4 so we dont need to charge u so there not doing us a favor they
    already made milliona on the olp

  5. why do all people say there will be no used games on next gen?? on xbox u
    need to pay a fee but its a used game

  6. How about dead space 2

  7. No the fuck it isn’t I hate the fucking greedy companies I wanted to replay
    the whole ME series and to get Zaeed (not sure how to spell his name) you
    have to have some bullshit pass with EA that’s why EA is voted worst
    company in America 2 years running. Fuck EA!

  8. It means a butt load of ppl r gonna stick wit ps3/360. Hope the new
    consoles choke on their scheme to kill used games and instead bring about
    their own demise. A** hats

  9. yes

  10. Oh, alright. Thanks for replying!

  11. I just check if the medal of honor warfighter pass is free for the ps3 and
    its not

  12. Killed by admin….changing up teams?

  13. lol u suk so much.

  14. Kinda odd the way the only did this on Xbox. If it was on ps3, wii, pc –
    they would have said

  15. The only reason the online pass is being killed because it is getting
    rolled in the used game fee

  16. Actually the PS4 won the supposed “console war”, It wont have any
    restrictions on the used game market and will not require you to be
    connected to the internet.

  17. What about all of the online passes that I have already bought r they
    giving refunds?

  18. WTF EA vip pass is still 9.99$ in store and in game FUCK YOU TROLLS

  19. no, the games will come with a code. Microsoft will give these to gamestop
    for free. Then we will have to pay for it directly though our xbox’s (but
    you’re an idiot if you buy used games from gamestop, or any games for that
    matter) If your theory was true, gamestop’s (or any other retailer) games
    could be re-sold online and this would defeat the purpose of a “no free
    used games” initiative from microsoft. If gamestop pays, then that game
    disc has unlimited uses – not going to happen.

  20. yeah but its still a used game so i ment that was the thing

  21. Just free to get on the basic game online – – i’m sure they won’t make all
    of the DLC packs free – – there are some expansion packs for other games
    they are offering though – – I wouldn’t cross my fingers for #BF3 DLC though

  22. No the whole used game ordeal was misinterpreted When game stops sell your
    used game Microsoft takes a portion and the Publisher takes a portion. EA
    said months ago that they were taking the micro transactions/F2P business
    model. They don’t have to go with anti-used games because they can make
    more money from Micro transactions Also you do know the PS4 is letting
    developers to restrict used games? (If they want too)

  23. Doesn’t matter, I have PC to play BF4 anyways. As for Xbox One, I’m not
    believing ANYTHING about the PS4 and Xbone until E3. Microsoft’s CEO can
    come out and say Xbox One will not have any used games whatsoever and I
    won’t believe him until E3 comes around. Sadly, I wish others felt the same
    way. And yes, I can finally play Warfighter and Future Soldier.

  24. so free bf3?

  25. I just posted a story on VGN – it just broke that EA is phasing out all
    existing Online Pass systems – – so over the next few weeks – all EA games
    will be free online – – Check VGN for the latest!

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