Creating an iBook (ePUB) for the iPad with InDesign CS5

Creating an iBook (ePUB) for the iPad with InDesign CS5

in this video I’ll show you the steps you need to take to create an iBook for the iPad or ePUB for just about any other ebook reader out there using the NEW …
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  1. Great tute Terry, If I’m creating a physical book I’d need to create a
    separate source file and work it differently then? Is that correct?

  2. Thanks for all you great videos!!!
    It’s easy to learn from you awesome videos!!!

  3. liked and subscribed

  4. I love you man ure amazing. regards from perú. tnks.

  5. That was a great tutorial. Very informative. And yeah, that export thing
    was really fast. Sometimes it’s funny how you think that something’s broken
    if it’s THAT fast. :) Great stuff. Keep it up.

  6. tks a lot, terry! it really helped us!

  7. why are fonts so big when i put text box?

  8. thank u very much this is great telling how to do

  9. Hi, I seem to have an issue when I preview my document in Digital Editions.
    There isn’t any page breaks so all the words are squeezed into the first
    page. Do you know what I’m doing wrong?

  10. What format image is the cover

  11. Excellent! Thank you Terry for an excellent video AND for saving it in
    720HD format. This is perfect! I want to ask you, how do you upload ePUB
    books to the Apple Store. Is this hard to do?

  12. @charlesajking Considering the title of the video is; “Creating an iBook
    (ePUB) for the iPad with InDesign CS5”, Terry is exactly right. If the
    video were an indepth discussion of the ePub specs and analysis of what is
    supported on various devices then your comment would make sense.

  13. @adpeed Yes, I know…. I already did my iBook! It Works!

  14. Great Video! When I save the file as epub it does not keep the Text
    Layout… Not breaks no nothing… Any tipps what I made wrong?

  15. awesome! thank you :)

  16. Woow i’m gonna make an iBook with porn pictures!

  17. How do you hypertext links?

  18. I am using a PC. Would you explain again how to make the pages flow like a
    word processor?

  19. Thanks a lot for this video, very usefull ! :)

  20. Please someone tell me how to replace the generic image that shows up on
    the Table of Contents page with my book cover or other photo.

  21. awesome TIPS…:D

  22. Good detail info. Thanks.

  23. What size I use for Ipod Touch 4/Iphone 4

  24. Hi Terry, thanks for the tutorial! But I can’t find this book (epub) from
    you on iStore. Why don’t you public this book on iStore?

  25. Great Tut Terry – Quick clean and informative. Thanks.

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