Create you own cloud storage using owncloud

Create you own cloud storage using owncloud

LInks own cloud setup file: filezilla: We live in an age where everything is stored on…
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  1. can you have it run off a nas? or does it have to be a local drive on a pc?

  2. I am able to go through the process to “install in subdirectory” and when I
    select next, a page says No Data Received pops up. Is there any thought of
    what I could be doing wrong?

  3. An absolutely fantastic video. Thanks for sharing !

  4. sorry i am just asking for how to configure site manager in Filezila ?

  5. So this video assumes you already have a website somewhere, or running your
    own webserver?

  6. best

  7. I get an error: (HTTP 404 Not Found). Perhaps I don’t have sufficient

  8. VERY GOOD!!

  9. Just what I was looking for. Cheers pal

  10. This looks really great! Wish it worked on my http://ftp.. I’m getting an error
    saying “Invalid or unitialized Zip” when i’m trying to install :( 

  11. Create you own cloud storage using owncloud

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