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Question by nitsujjh: How to download online radio? I need Programs like igetmusic but free?
Something that downloads the individual songs as well as the album information from online radio like yahoo or aol

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Answer by JIM
Websites offering free music downloads are usually offering illegal downloads.
Legitimate websites charge for downloads because the site itself has to pay mandatory fees for the legal right to handle the music and offer it for download. In addition, the aritst who performs the music has the legal right to earn royalties from the sale of his music. It is the reason why he is in the business – to make money.
Websites that finance the mandatory fees through advertising are required to provide proof of this at regular intervals, and this is why legal free download sites are becoming fewer and fewer

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  1. I use to love jango free internet radio , But the greedy SOB has F-up the site with some many commercial pop-up and shit that it take 10m to load and is so dame slow why didn’t they just leave it along it work fine about a year ago but now it suck…. now I don’t even use it no more.

  2. goood song??????????????

  3. You can try Ask & Record Toolbar, a free toolbar for recording streaming without ads. It helps you to record online radio and export mp3 file. Easy to use.

  4. i use winamp
    its free and has a feature that downloads/saves music to your hd
    sometimes it tags the music, sometimes you have to do it after the fact
    and ask it to tag/update

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