Coldplay – Paradise (Live 2012 from Paris)

Coldplay - Paradise (Live 2012 from Paris)

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  1. Happy New Year my friends all the best in 2015..
    #Coldplay “Could be para- para- paradise”

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  3. This has to be one of ur favorite songs

  4. Coldplay – Paradise (Live 2012 from Paris)ถ้าcoldplay
    ฉันเองก็เป็นแฟนคลับพ ี่คริส มาติน(ผู้ชายในอุดมคติ)

  5. Coldplay – Paradise (Live 2012 from Paris):


  6. They’ve come such a long way since Parachutes…Just watched an old video
    of them playing Shiver..ohh the feelings lol

  7. Coldplay – Paradise (Live 2012 from Paris):
    ❤ Simplesmente Minha música ❤ d:-) 

  8. This song makes me want to cry, it remembers me of someone

  9. From 0:00 to 0:26 I LOOOOOOVE THAT PIANO INTRO… Is it a part of another
    song? Or just an improvisation? Please, if you can help me with that, I
    will really appreciate it.

  10. Oh my god at 4:42 the guitar, when he, just got a moment, increases the
    pitch and drops it back down. oh my god i loved that

  11. It actually seems like a paradise… 

  12. When she was just a girl
    She expected the world
    But it flew away from her reach
    So she ran away in her sleep
    Dreamed of para para paradise
    Para para paradise
    Life goes on
    It gets so heavy
    The wheel breaks the butterfly
    Every tear, a waterfall
    In the night, the stormy night
    She closed her eyes
    In the night, the stormy night
    Away she’d fly.
    And dreamed of para para paradise
    Para para paradise
    Para para paradise
    Whoa oh oh oooh
    😀 ^^
    I lve this song and its meaning so much <3
    #ColdPlay #Paradise 

  13. Coldplay – Paradise (Live 2012 from Paris):

  14. Simplesmente Contagiante by Brazilian

  15. That was truly a ‘paradise atmosphere’. Wish I was there…

  16. Wow,such a large crowd, it’s dizzying and with the weird things flashing
    colorful lights,the fans and the band performing, it looks really great up

  17. buna trupa,au cantece foarte bune fac spectacole minunate.

  18. for you all..

  19. Cool song

  20. chromotherapy

  21. 5:30 , he almost said ” You’re fuck*ng incredible” ..

  22. Yikes, just too good!!!

  23. As Atlas and Live 2012 are both up for GRAMMY Awards tonight, here’s a
    little blast of Paradise from the latter… 

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