Chappie Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Hugh Jackman, Sigourney Weaver Robot Movie HD

Chappie Official Trailer  <a href='' />#1</a> (2015) - Hugh Jackman, Sigourney Weaver Robot Movie HD

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Check out ninja and Yolande from die antwoord

  2. I think I have the plot down…. Indian engineer with ‘tank girl’ -esque
    sidekick set off to make a robot more human and accepted by mankind, only
    to become victim to some hard-ass govt. dude who wants to turn it into a
    weapon. Chappie struggles to become emotionally accepted, but when it
    does, and realizes it has reached the apex of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs,
    it becomes Chapped-ass after the engineer refuses to hand over his design.
    Morale of the story? No life-like sex robots off the assembly line for the
    next hundred years ’cause we can’t even handle even the basic,
    tire-changing model. 

  3. Don’t worry about the rise of the robots…they’ll all be friendly like
    Chappie. NOT. End A.I.

  4. Chappie movie trailer. At first I thought this would be some comedy or
    something, but then I saw that it was done by the guys who did District 9
    and Elysium… Not that I’m disappointed, I liked both of those movies,
    but… Now that I’ve seen both of them, I can easily predict two major
    things in this movie: 1) Chappie will sacrifice himself at the end and 2)
    Hugh Jackman’s character will die in some outrageous way.

  5. stupid movie robots cant show emotion they are not human…emotions are
    given to us by God

  6. another shity movie. all shit nowadays. where are normal films like die
    hard 1+2 ? fok.

  7. Eh? Isnt this the robot that was used in that short movie about Robot
    Police in Africa?

  8. I usually hate Bollywood movies because Indian acting feels fake, but this
    guy is in the Newsroom and he is an amazing actor. That is probably why the
    director put him in this movie. I cant wait to feel all sad and squishy
    when i watch this movie.

  9. Awful. Pathetic, yet completely predictable from the NWO/CIA operatives
    inside hollywood….getting us all desensitized to accept transhumanism and
    the eventual rise of artificial intelligence – and the eventual death and
    destruction of all humanity.

  10. No robot will EVER love. “God is love.” 1st John 4:8. Robots and all
    machines will always be INDIFFERENT…. and indifference, my friends, is
    the OPPOSITE of love… no matter how good a robot can simulate it. For
    example: if your spouse PRETENDED to love you… and put on a good show…
    is that CARING, or INDIFFERENCE? Still in all, it looks like a good
    movie… just don’t be taken in by the premise that machines can love. The
    spirit of God (Love), would never enter into a machine.

  11. Number 5…. is… Alive… 

  12. this guy made district 9 then this movie will be another great success
    .this guy is just a incredible writer.

  13. There is so much to learn from that trailer that we aren’t in our own lifes
    as a humans. We have seen those types of movie before, but it never boring
    to see a robot that have more “human qualities” than the humans themselves.

  14. I gotta check this out. It looks interesting. “I am Chappie!”

  15. Ripoff of robocop much?

  16. Want to see this so badly.

  17. A.I. is coming, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Our
    irrational apprehension about what a machine intelligence would do is the
    very thing that would drive an AI to defend itself. No fear, no problem.

  18. From the director of District 9, who brings you…the same as District 9,
    just in a different coat!

  19. This is SO awesome. I was deeply inspired by “Tetra Vaal” from this
    director years ago. (Look it up, it’s chappie 1.0!) Seeing this movie is
    like an inspirational dream come true.

  20. I notice 2 rip offs straight away, SHORT CIRCUIT, and the robots design is
    a blatent rip off appleseed’s BRIAREOS. come up with something original

  21. they really did it with the name didn’t they. what the hell is a chappie 

  22. I watched about 80% of District 9 when it was on TV once, and this looks
    like it pretty much follows the same history (I guess you can call it) as
    that movie. it will end the same pretty much I’d say.

  23. I’m gonna have a hard time not seeing this as die antword the movie

  24. Number 5 is ALIVE!!!
    Shiiit… wrong movie!

  25. I need a Chappie in my life right now….

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