Calvin Harris – Open Wide ft. Big Sean

Calvin Harris - Open Wide ft. Big Sean

You can vote Summer as #BRITs2015 British Video by tweeting using #BRITCalvinHarris Open Wide ft Big Sean is taken from the new album Motion, pre-order…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Is that the guy who fucks Ariana Grande??

  2. i think c.u.b.a is better


  4. good song, if you took ‘big sean’ (whoever the fuck he is) out of it,

  5. Before even looking at the comments, I already know people will be whining
    about this song. And sure enough I look in the comments and everyone is
    whining about how “C.U.B.A.” is better. Then I go head over to the C.U.B.A
    song and all the comments are of people whining about how bad THAT is, and
    how they miss “old Calvin Harris”. God do I fucking hate people. If you
    don’t like this song then fine (I actually don’t even really like it
    myself), but stop fucking whining like it’s some unspeakable thing that’s
    happened. Calvin is branching out and collaborating with new artists —
    that doesn’t mean he’s “sold out” or is too “poppy” or whatever the fuck
    else tired old whining line you want to use. Just grow the fuck up people,
    shit. And just in case you didn’t know, here’s a news flash: ARTISTS
    FUCKING CHANGE AND EVOLVE AND GROW. It’s a fact of life and happens with

  6. big sean ruins this song. i don’t want to hear his racy disgusting lyrics

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  8. I only like the beat, not the actual song- which is terrible btw

    retards who don’t understand) I’m English and I found it surprising how an
    American uses the term “Trousers” when normally Americans say “Pants” and
    us English say “Trousers”.

  10. Crap vocals . Cuba sounds way better than this bullshit . this is not the
    Calvin Harris I know 

  11. Bonne soirée à tous et vous souhaite un très bon week end !!! Amusez vous
    bien !
    Moi suis déjà dans l’ambiance …. ^^

    Calvin Harris – Open Wide ft. Big Sean :

  12. Where is Calvin Harris? this is not him… this is so bad :( the new album
    is a disappointment, I really want another “Ready For The Weekend”

  13. I’m somewhat confused over all the hate for this song. This is something
    that normally the masses would eat straight up. Is it the lyrics that kills

  14. I didint like C.U.B.A., but then Calvin Harris did a duet with Big Sean,
    now i hate it more

  15. Y’all Gotta Stop Hating!! Pfft!! This Is New… EDM And Rap… Mscheew!!
    Calvin Wouldn’t Have Posted It On His Account If He Thought It Sucked!!

  16. They are all like Storm Troopers in this video. They never actually hit
    their target…

  17. Beat sounds and mix is great; however, I can live without the rap portion.
    Someone make a remix! ;P

  18. Bonne soirée à tous et vous souhaite un très bon week end !!! Amusez vous
    bien !
    Moi suis déjà dans l’ambiance …. ^^

    Calvin Harris – Open Wide ft. Big Sean :

  19. Am i the only fucking person who doesnt know who this goes out to?

  20. Open that shit wide
    Let me see how big your mouth is…. Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!

    Let me see how big your mouth is..Joff-tchoff-tchoff-tchoffo-tchoffo-tchoff!

    Let me see how big your mouth is..Jacha-chacha-chacha-chow!

    these lines was far more better…..#worstdjever

  21. disfruten este viernes , donde quiera que se encuentren

  22. big sean’s boyfriend ariana grande

  23. And ooh I love that ass
    But I hate that fucking outfit
    I’m taking off her blouses
    While she take off my trousers
    Thats just a couple more problems
    To add to the couples’ counselin’
    Open that shit wide
    Let me see how big your mouth is

    Bitch can you shut the fuck up

  24. is there a version without the dude singing? 

  25. So much hate towards big Sean, calling him a “wanna be rapper” “he’s
    terrible” they even went as far as saying like Wayne would do better. Like
    really? Shit the likes/dislikes don’t lie, so to all you hatting ass people
    who don’t know shit about a rapper stfu. 

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