Azure Demo: Getting started with Django on Azure Cloud Services

Azure Demo: Getting started with Django on Azure Cloud Services

Getting started with Django on Windows Azure Cloud Services. Read more:
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  1. Ali Aliev, loool that’s funny.

  2. No module named

  3. firefox???????????

  4. Which version of PTVS does this work on? I’ve tried with v1.5 for VS 2010
    and I get error “No module named”

  5. Ditto, found out finally I had to install django in my python environment
    (djangoproject(dot)com), and found a SO question on installing setuptools
    and pip to install Django. Right-click on project and validate now works,
    but when I run there is ***nothing*** in the console window.

  6. The “Add Windows Azure Cloud Service Project” option doesn’t exist :(

  7. vim and unix forever

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