Apple iPad App Review – Amazon’s Kindle application

Apple iPad App Review - Amazon's Kindle application

Apple iPad App Review – Amazon’s Kindle. The Kindle Reader app was available on the iPad from launch day, giving users an alternative company to purchase ebo…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Guys, the app doesn’t show up at all when I search for it on the App Store
    or windows store! :( any ideas why?

  2. i think this looks better than the ipad but the ipad makes it feel more of
    a book

  3. Ace review! Love reading on my iPad!!!

  4. @patrickncy23 Thanks.

  5. @Drav1212 Not sure on that one, anyone else?

  6. @saxophoneman23 Yes, a glitch it goes into landscape temporarily, due to
    the angle I have it at. More upright and it is fine.

  7. I don’t have the icon to connect to the store (on my ipad). What am I doing

  8. When I get onto my kindle app it doesn’t give me the option to click on
    shop like you show on 4:22 what should I need to do??

  9. Great review!! I’m actually quite surprised Apple authorised this one as
    couldn’t it take away custom from their own, iBook store? However, it’s
    great that they have! When you load up the application, the screen that’s
    displayed while it’s loading seems to have a moment where it goes to
    landscape view, then comes back again. Is that just a little glitch? Even
    so, it would be a small one, looks a great app! :)

  10. @cupcakeskate88 I like my iPod Touch because it fits perfectly in my
    pocket. That’s portable

  11. @Jayzee1997 16GB on this one.

  12. Why one would want to read a book on an iPad, I have no idea. A magazine,
    possibly. But a book? Only if I had synthetic eyes. I’ve been strongly
    against any sort of e-reading since its introduction, but at least
    e-readers have screens which are easy on the eyes. I can’t imagine reading
    a glaring LCD iPad screen for several hours.

  13. Are all the books for the Kindle available for the Ipad?

  14. How much memory do you have on your ipad?

  15. @faddys1234 do you mean you think it looks better than ibooks?

  16. is there a landscape way to read the books?

  17. @ThenewJAMBEAVER Sorry no idea.

  18. the screen would hurt your eyes after a while. the iPad is NOT an ereader.

  19. I do not understand something. I do not have wifi, I just want to use the
    Ipad to read e-books, can I just hook it up to my USB on my computer to get
    my books? Just want to make sure. Thanks

  20. I dont see why they made this app if it will reduce sales in kindles and
    also there is the iBook store? Good review though 😀

  21. @360cent No not through iBooks, but you can get the free Kindle App for the
    iPad, then they are.

  22. @dillsnufus Yes.

  23. A review should have some kind of rating, this is more a summary of

  24. Great review. One thing that bugs me is that if u put ur finger on the
    words to follow along with what u are reading, it turns the page on u. I
    don’t have an Ipad, but I have the Kindle app on my Ipod touch. Getting
    Kindle 3 for Christmas! yay :) Question: when u tap on a book, do they not
    come with the actual book covers to view full size? Or does it just start
    with the first page. I know on the Ipod touch, it doesnt :(

  25. Great review, but I would prefer you to use that microphone that you did
    for the ipod classic review a couple of years ago. Your new ones just sound
    a bit roomy and fuzzy. Good work nevertheless.

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