Adobe & Microsoft Partner at Adobe MAX 2014

Adobe & Microsoft Partner at Adobe MAX 2014

Our CEO Shantanu Narayen and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella take the #AdobeMAX stage to talk about bringing creativity and productivity closer together.
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  1. That one thumb down tho…y u mad bro?

  2. dam why cant i get a surface pro 3 for free lol

  3. Microsoft FTW!

  4. I thought Microsoft employees always wear a full Office Attire when they go
    on stage? Just like how Bill gates and Steve Ballmer did, Full Office
    Attire with Suit. Now, everyone is wearing jeans and tees on stage. SO WHO

    Mark Zuckerberg also copied steve jobs. Xiao Mi’s CEO too.

    Except for Eric Schimdt of Google, He is still wearing a full office attire
    these days.

  5. Really impressed.

  6. Microsoft CEO Indian
    Adobe CEO Indian
    Google CEO Indian… Not yet but Coming soon Name sundar pichai Senior vice
    president at Google 

  7. I was at AdobeMax and received one of the Surface Pro 3’s. It’s a beautiful
    piece of hardware. Love it!

  8. i know why they’re close because they are indian

  9. Character animation is tedious, not expressive and not fun? Yeah – if
    you’re using Adobe Flash it certainly is. That quote shows what kind of
    people make their products – people without hands-on experience talking out
    of their arses.

  10. I like the dragging, but I like my mouse. I don’t have to worry about
    accidentally clicking because I rest my finger a bit wrong. I don’t have to
    worry about sweat or smudges. I don’t have to reach my arm up to any screen
    or have to bend my head down to look down at a flat touch screen.

    Maybe I’m just old school, but I like my keyboard and I LOVE my mouse.

    You see a classic example at 7:10 where he is swiping over and over and
    over trying to get the finger touch just “right” saying “This will take a
    second”. Yeah… it will. I don’t have extreme fine motor skills either and
    find touch to be very unfriendly. I’m always failing to get the just exact
    timing on my smart phone and open something didn’t intend or fail to get
    something to pay attention, etc. It is annoying as heck!

    Maybe I’ll have to carry around a stylus, if that is an option?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy and iPad, so guess oh well anyway. 

  11. Everything looks great.

    But honest question: Why does every other Adobe video only show Apple
    products. Every computer is a Mac and the tablets are always iPads. In
    fact, there is cool software ONLY coming out on iOS. Why? Android is bigger
    worldwide than iOS. Why not at least make that same software for Android,
    as well? Why does Adobe have an Apple bias?

  12. Wtf, adobe where is android support?

  13. WOW….. Que genial… Bueno… Me tocará comprar la Surface Pro 3….

    A SURFACE!!!! *except you, wait for karma to give you one*

  15. “Creating is the essence of life”… +Adobe +Microsoft empowering the
    creatives with hardware, apps, & the cloud +Satya

  16. @pizzahutlovinhulk Can’t believe they all got free surface pro 3s…. Damn

  17. that thing with ink was cool

  18. +Adobe these features are going to #ipadair2 #ipad as well?


  20. Adobe is amazing! I want to intern there, to be around the creative minds
    of art and technology.

  21. #Adobe #Microsoft 

  22. cool as ever

  23. Gnarly! Dropping paint to a tablet from a phone, animate with facial
    gestures, and perceptive pixel for social creation! 

  24. Adobe & MS partnership

  25. Three bald people … 

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