Arti, the daughter of a politician, has all the makings of becoming one herself. But she marries J. K. and politics takes a backseat, but only for a few days. With the ambition bug having bitten…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Such like movies fall in the category of Bandani, Devdas, Madumati,Teesri
    kasam,Jall,Guide ,Babul of daleep Nurgus and Mera nam jokker.

  2. Oh finally I saw the movie. Excellent direction. Suchitra Sen and Sanjeev
    Kumar have done one of their best. The haunting melodies and Lata
    Mangeshkar’s voice without any music in the end is just amazing.

  3. one of the finest movie Bollywood ever been produce … very good acting…
    I love this movie… song was superb…excellent… it refresh your
    mind..Indian Cinema history always hats off this movie’s acting & song

  4. RIP sanjeev sir n suchitra mam..very nice movie….

  5. I’ve notice that in many movies sanjeev got to play z role of an old
    man..its great because he miss it in real life..RIP sir..

  6. Very good picture after a long time saw something which is very appealing

  7. please please please i want to download this movie….

  8. RIP,,,Suchitraji

  9. A riveting film ^_^ 

  10. very nice movie

  11. sanjeev kumar is one of the top actors of all times he was clearly in a
    league of his own wasnt afraid to do these kinds of roles hats off too bad
    bollywood these days is all about six pack abs and dance moves or corny
    fight sequences

  12. 57 living legends officially dislike the movie till now. Wow! Reasons?

  13. really very good movie

  14. My most favorite hindi film as it go with my passion. 

  15. sanjeev kumar’s acting is very natural and the suchitra sen justified her

  16. Rest in peace.. madam

  17. Suchitra sen….one of the best actress of Indian films..Aandhi is one of
    the few Hindi movi she did..She is not well now-a days . Wish her speedy
    recovery and best of health…

  18. good movie.

  19. So sad about the passing of Suchitra Sen. She dared to take on the main
    role of Aandi which was turned down by Vaijayanthimala. I will sure watch
    this great film on You Tube. thanks so much for uploading.
    My sympathies to the family of Suchitra.

  20. Suchitra Sen is my favourate actress. I love all the film of her.

  21. Suchitra Sen is no more now. RIP

  22. best to best actress……………….

  23. I Deeply Pained

  24. Rest in eternal peace Didi

  25. nice movie..

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