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Question by PooEqualsPoo: Microsoft Wont Let Me Activate My Microsoft Word Over The Internet?
I got my product key and it works when i put it in, but it keeps saying stuff when i try to activate it

“Your copy of 2007 Microsoft Office system cannot be activated because the specified Product Key has already been activated the maximum number of times permitted for your software license as specified in the Microsoft Software License Terms”.
And I cant Activate over phone cause i cant tick it cause its grey or something :(

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Answer by Trinu
The thing about anti-piracy software is it has a tendency to lock out people who bought legitimate copies. This is one of the few times microsoft tech support can be helpful. You should still be able to activate it by phone.

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  1. If you have a legitimate copy of Word and you haven’t given your Product Key to others, then contact Microsoft and explain the situation.

    On the other hand, if the message is true and you are trying to use a copy of Office without a license, then uninstall that copy. You can download genuine, not pirated Microsoft Office 2010 beta for free (the whole suite of software with nothing left out). The earliest you can purchase the release to market version will be June 2010. You can enjoy using the beta until October 2010.

    Microsoft now has a free version of Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote on line at Skydrive. There’s nothing to install. You use the Skydrive version of Microsoft Office from any computer – Mac, PC, or even LINUX – in your FireFox, Safari or IE web browser. Your Office files are accessible from any computer with an internet connection, and you can print & save them locally, too. This link gives instructions on how to get SkyDrive. Then you can brag to your friends that you are doing “cloud computing.” You can even allow others to access your online documents.

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